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Bang! and the dirt is gone!

Its been a week since the first round for the 2018 season, with amazing highs on the track, and not so amazing experiences once the penalties started rolling in..

Thank you to all who came to start the 2018 season!

Memberships have been updated as of the first round and the Championships are now available for your scrutiny over at Any issues – please let us know over on Facebook.

We have also decided to open online entry for the whole Championship year! – so if you really feel like getting it all out the way sooner, rather than later, head over to and just go bananas! You might note the absence of the Wessex Challenge and the Rotax Festival from the list, there are a few details that need to be straightened out before we can open entries.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, whether you’re having a relaxing one, out with the family making the most of the lack of wet stuff, or racing elsewhere, have a great weekend and we’ll post again soon!

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