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And on to the final round…

After a long and  beautiful Summer, this weekend was surely the first sign that Winter is coming..

Low temperatures, rain, high winds.. not the most pleasurable driving conditions, but you didn’t care, when you bought the kart, you knew that you’d need those wets, the thicker suit, the plastic over-suit. It been a little horrid, but it hasn’t deterred anyone, especially those in our hotly contested Championships..

With just 1 more round to go, and a bonus 25 points, just for signing-on, you might just have to go through it all again next month!

Thank you to all drivers, spectators, officials, marshals and other volunteers who braved the rain, cold and wind to help ensure this event was able to proceed. We say it every month, but most this year have seemed like a formality. Today, however, shows is a mild example that we’re all in this together, not just when its sunny!

The championship points will be collated as soon as i can get to them, and results are available, as always, over at

Next month is the final round of the CPKC 2018 Championship, and i’m sure there will still be Championships up for grabs heading in. So, if you want to make the most of the season racing, or watch the final opportunity to clinch the title, make sure to leave 11th November open in your diaries!


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