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3 WIDE?!

With Round 2 just over a week away, we will be looking back at 2022 with a REVIST Episode and a few screenshots from the 13th March 2022.

This is the Honda Cadet Heat 2: Their first heat taking 3 attempts to get going, the cadet's were not hanging around in Heat 2. This is what the 18 drivers gave us at the start! Going 3 wide before the start/finish! Closer to the line it became 4! This caught our commentator off guard which you could see why!

Can you spot which 5 drivers are together in this screenshot? (ps, the running order might give this away 😉)

REVISIT 2022 Episode 2 is in the works. Release date and futher annoucments for the epsiode will be posted soon!


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