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2014 Race Calendar (more events to follow, so check back)

  1. 9th March    Round 1    incorporating a Formula Blue Challenge round

  2. 13th April    Round 2    incorporating Formula Blue ‘O’ plate and Blue Challenge

  3. 11th May    Round 3

  4. 8th June    Round 4    incorporating NKRA and Two-Counties rounds

  5. 12th July    Cancer Research Challenge race, special two-day fundraising event

  6. 13th July    Round 5

  7. 10th August    Round 6

  8. 13th September    RAFMSA  Endurance race  (held in the evening)

  9. 14th September    Round 7    incorporating an RAFMSA 2-stroke class

  10. 12th October    Round 8    incorporating a Two-Counties club round

  11. 9th November    Round 9    incorporating a Two-Counties club round which also includes the Matthew Percy Memorial Race for Junior & Formula Blues

  12. 7th December    annual Turkey Trot race, non-championship event

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