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2 Weeks!

Just 2 weeks until the start of the anticipated 2020 season!

Round 3 see’s the first of the 2020 CPKC spectacles with the Wessex Championship, the Wessex Challenge on the Saturday, with Round 4 on the Sunday. A weekend double header with the accumulated points from each day deciding the winner of the hallowed CPKC WC plate.

The following month, Round 4 kicks off 3 weeks of non-stop Clay Pigeon action on the 10th May, with the Honda and TKM British Championships on the 16th and 17th and the Rotax British Championships on the 23rd and 24th May.

If the Wessex Championship and 2 rounds of the British Championships weren’t enough to wet your appetite, the Rotax Festival is back in all of it’s glory on 15th and 16th August. A 2 day celebration of one of the countries leading kart racing engines, and the most popular in the South of England. Supported by J.A.G Rotax, previous winners have taken home various prizes like branded merchandise, short engines and tickets to represent their country at the Rotax Grand Finals. Oh yeah, and there are the O plates on offer for all Rotax Classes!

We have a monumetal year of racing lined up this year, and even with the MSUK price increases, we think you’ll still find us fantastic value for money, as we have for many years.

Why wait? Come and join those who have already put their entries in, over at

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