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160 mile Bike Ride!

Hi Guys,

One of our club members, and previous committee member, Derek Hunt, is taking part in a 160 mile bike ride this weekend (11th and 12th December) from Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC) to Holyrood Academy in Chard in aid of Suicide Prevention Bristol.

Mental health issues are becoming more recognised and less stigmatised as we learn more about them.

With organisations like SPB, and similarly, The Samaritans, those struggling with mental health have somewhere they can turn to, opening up a conversation to help address their feelings, steering them towards alternative solutions.

As with all charities, they rely on donations, and fundraising events, such as the ride Derek has joined, to help them continue doing their fantastic work. If you would like to honour Dereks efforts, please feel free to make a donation.

Suicide Prevention Bristol:

Derek’s Story:

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