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Supplementary Regulations

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1. The Clay Pigeon Kart Club will organise Nat ‘B’ Kart Race meetings on the following dates:- 10th February; 10th March; 14th April; 12th May; 9th June; 14th July; 11th August; 8th September; 13th October and 10th November 2019. It will be held at the Clay Pigeon Raceway, midway between Dorchester and Yeovil on the A.37. The circuit is signposted from the main road.

2. The events will be held under the General Regulations of the Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of The International Sporting Code of the FIA) the 2019 Motorsport UK Kart Race Handbook, these Supplementary Regulations and any Final Regulations issued for the event.

3. Classes will be all short circuit classes permitted by the Motorsport UK, subject to a minimum of five entries per class.

4. An Motorsport UK permit will be issued.

5. The event is open to Clay Pigeon Kart Club members and members from the following clubs affiliated to the ABkC; Camberley KC; Dunkeswell KC; Forest Edge KC; Buckmore Park KC; Bayford Meadow KC; Hunts K.C; Lincolnshire KC; Llandow KC; Manchester & Buxton KC; NKRA; Rissington KC; Shenington KC; 2 Counties Kart Club; Trent Valley Kart Club; Whilton Mill KC, who hold a minimum of a valid and current MSA National B (Novice) Kart Competition Licence which must be produced at signing-on, together with a Club Membership card as detailed above along with a current Kart PG licence, letter of authority or an Entrants licence. The event is also open to invited Kart Clubman Championship drivers who hold a minimum of a valid Kart Clubman Licence.

6. The programme of the meeting will be:-

Signing-On 08.15 – 09.15 Scrutineering 08.30 – 09.45
Drivers Briefing 09.30 Practice 09.45 – 10.15
First Race 10.15

7. RACES:-
Each driver will have at least three heats and a final. The standard minimum scheduled distances shall be:

ALL CLASSES HEATS – 8 minutes + 1 lap FINALS – 12 minutes + 1 lap

Whenever practicable the above scheduled distances shall be raced, but should any race distance be reduced or
increased at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, or the Stewards of the meeting, it will count as a full points scoring round.
Heats and finals duration may be reduced in wet weather or unforeseen circumstances and will be announced on the dummy grid accordingly prior to the race. Changes can also be made during racing for safety reasons.
Grid positions in the heats will be predetermined in such a way that each competitor will get a fair share of the front back and middle positions.
Your first heat grid position is determined by ballot.
Points will be awarded in the heats to determine grid positions in the finals. The results of the A Final will be the final position for the event.

8. The track measures 815 metres, has eight corners and the surface is asphalt.

9. The maximum entry for a meeting is 250 drivers and the minimum is 75. The maximum number of drivers for each grid is 30. If an entry of less than ten is obtained in any class, the organisers will amalgamate or cancel as appropriate.

(a) The entry list opens on the issue of these Regulations and closes finally at 10a.m. on the Saturday of the race meeting. All entries must be fully completed with drivers MSA licence number, transponder number and all the relevant details requested. The entry fee MUST accompany the race entry form, either online, by cheque, postal order or banker’s draft. Entries received without the appropriate fee will NOT be accepted.
(b) Any cheque returned by the Bank, for whatever reason, will incur an additional £10 administration fee.
(c) Entry fees will be:- CPKC MEMBERS – £55 NON MEMBERS – £60
(d) ENTRIES – On line to www.claypigeonkartclub.com. All other entries to Competition Secretary, Clay Pigeon Kart Club, Clay Pigeon Raceway, Wardon Hill, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9PW. All telephone entries between 08.30a.m. and 5p.m. on 01935 83713. (There is no additional charge for entering on line).
(e)A stamped addressed envelope must be enclosed with the entry if an acknowledgement is required.
(f)An entry is deemed to be received when the entries secretary has received a completed entry form with the correct ENTRY FEE.
(g)There will be an administration charge for withdrawing entries before the closing date of £10.
(h)The Competition Secretary must be notified at least 48-hours before the race meeting if competitors wish to have their entry held over until the following month only.

11. ADVERTISING – Competitors may be required to carry advertising as supplied by a Class Sponsor. The
competitors will be required to reserve a space for a sticker on the front nassau panel to a maximum size of 200mm x 50mm.

12. TECHNICAL – 2019 Motorsport UK Specific Karting Technical Regulations apply, together with the ABkC
Regulations set out in the 2019 MSA Kart Race Handbook.
(a) SILENCERS – All 100cc karts must use a commercially produced additional silencer. See Motorsport UK
Year Book U16.15 to U16.15.7
(b) NUMBER PLATES – Four number plates are required. Motorsport UK Blue book Regulations U17.25 to
(c) TYRES – Wet tyres as ABkC Regulations. Heating of tyres, by whatever method, or the treatment by any
chemical substance is prohibited, (for the avoidance of doubt, no manner of abnormally raising the temperature of the tyres/wheels above the natural ambient temperature is allowed) although cleaning of tyres
as per Motorsport UK Regulations is allowed. ONE SET OF SLICK TYRES ARE ALLOWED TO BE USED
PER MEETING. These will be marked prior to your first race. The tyre barcode will be logged by Barcode
Reader. Failing to record your Tyre Barcode will incur the following penalty – EXCLUSION FROM THE
MEETING. A photo-ionization detector (P.I.D.) with a calibration for isobutylene at 100ppm issued in the
preceding 12 months may be used for testing the chemical treatment of tyres (Motorsport UK Kart Race
Yearbook Appendix 4 (G.1.))
(d) DETACHABLE FRONT FAIRINGS – on non-gearbox (including Cadet) karts the CIK homologated detachable front fairing mounting kit (CIK drawing 2c) must be used unless otherwise specified in Class or Championship regulations. (17.1.6.)
(e) Where the CIK-homologated detachable front fairing mounting kit (17.1.6) is mandatory, it must at all times be fitted and maintained in the correct position, in accordance with Drawing 17.5. It is not permitted to reposition a front fairing except by stopping in the repairs area (where such a facility is provided) and this may not be done after passing the chequered flag and before release from Parc Ferme. 17.5.5.
(f) FUEL – The only permitted fuel for Club Championship rounds is that conforming to Motorsport UK
specifications (Appendix 4 Section B of Motorsport UK Kart Race Yearbook). The use of power boosting
additives or octane boosting additives is prohibited. (16.17.)
(g) Strip off visors are not allowed.
(h) Adhesive tape must not be removed whilst racing.
(i) TRANSPONDERS – ABkC approved AMB transponders will be mandatory for all classes and fitted
as per Motorsport UK Year Book 2019. It is the competitor’s responsibility to provide a fully charged working transponder.


13. ENTRIES – Supplementary Regulations and entry forms will be available to all drivers in sufficient time for entries to be made prior to the closing date. Competitors are responsible for sending in correct entries with the correct fee to arrive prior to the closing date. Entries made on line are preferable and there is no charge for doing so. Please note that information about competitors will be held on a computer system.

14. SIGNING-ON – Signing-on will take place in the Race Control Building. All drivers are reminded that they must bring with them their Club Membership Card, Motorsport UK Licence, Kart PG Licence or authority where the Kart PG Licence holder cannot attend.

15. SCRUTINEERING – Pre race scrutineering will take place in the scrutineering bay or in any area specified by the organisers.
(a) Competitors will be required to complete a scrutineering card and must state the engine number and chassis number for all engines and chassis used. It is the responsibility of the competitor to complete this card.
Failure to do so could lead to exclusion from the meeting.
(b) Post race scrutineering will take place after heats and finals and all the results are deemed provisional until all karts are released by the scrutineers and/or after completion of any judicial or technical procedures, including the testing of fuel, which may take several days.

16. DRIVERS BRIEFING – It is mandatory for all competitors to attend drivers briefings arranged by the Clerk of the Course. Failure to do so will result in a fine unless prior arrangements have been made with the Clerk of the Course.

17. PRACTICE – Official practice shall be the minimum period specified in MOTORSPORT UK Regulations.

18. CADET & JUNIOR INCIDENT MARSHALS – Marshals for Cadet and Junior classes only will be allowed on the circuit solely at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. These incident marshals must attend a briefing prior to racing and must assist in the starting of ALL competitors and must not time or coach any driver on the circuit. Any Incident Marshals found to be contravening this regulation, or any of the regulations set out below will be asked to leave the circuit and could lead to the exclusion of his/her driver from the meeting.
(a) Only one incident marshal permitted per driver.
(b) All incident marshals must have signed on the official MOTORSPORT UK document in Race Control before
going onto the circuit.
(c) All incident marshals must wear an official tabard which will be supplied from the front of the dummy grid or clubhouse.
(d) These tabards are numbered and the incident marshals must go to the vicinity of the marshal post displayed on the tabard he/she has been supplied, and stand within the marshal post at all times.
(e) These tabards will be offered to the first 4 drivers on the dummy grid, subject to a £5 returnable tabard charge.
If these are declined then drivers behind may take the tabard.

19. FORMATION ON THE DUMMY GRID – All drivers must assemble on the formation grid two races before their due race. The race currently on the circuit will be displayed at the front of the dummy grid. Drivers who fail to take their correct positions on the dummy grid when instructed will be placed at the rear of the grid.

20. STARTS:-
(a) All races will be by rolling start.
(b) Penalties may be imposed on the pole position driver for speed considered to be too fast or too slow.
Penalties may also be imposed on the number two driver if considered to have broken formation prior to the
start. Penalties may also be imposed on any driver who is considered to have broken formation prior to the
(c) When the starter is satisfied that the karts are approaching the start line in correct position and at an
acceptable speed, the starting signal will be given by extinguishing the red light (or by raising the National flag
should a light failure occur), If a further lap is required the red lights will remain on or the flag will not be raised.
Once the start has been given drivers can break formation, but should this occur before the lights go out (i.e.
drivers leave the corridors, or break formation, with the red lights on (7.5.1.) then a 'false start' penalty will be applied (Q12.4.,Q12.5). (The Starter is a JUDGE OF FACT (G10.1 to 10.3.1).
(d) Weaving to warm up tyres is prohibited.
(e) In the event of any starting light failure, the start will revert to the use of the Union Jack.

(a) As specific Karting Regulations U7.9 to U7.9.3
(b) No pushers, mechanics or anybody other than officials shall come onto the circuit until instructed to do so by the Clerk of the Course.
(c) Any kart requiring mechanical attention, other than the changing of a plug, shall be returned to the
scrutineering area.
(d) Any kart involved in a red flag incident may be required for re-scrutineering before being allowed to take part in further racing. The driver may be requested to undergo a medical examination.
(e) Any kart which has not taken the original start will not be allowed to take the restart unless the race was
stopped due to a false start, or the race is being completely re-run, in which case the start has not taken place.

22. RACE FINISH – This will be by chequered flag at the start/finishing line opposite the lap scorers hut. Once the chequered flag has been passed drivers must immediately slow down, not overtake, go into the pit lane and leave the circuit. .

(a) In the event of postponement, entries will be carried forward to the rescheduled meeting.
(b) In the event of cancellation, the entry fees will be returned.
(c) If a meeting is abandoned prior to the first race, 50% of the entry fee will be returned. Abandonment at any
later stage will result in no return of entry fees.
(d) Abandonment result – If abandonment occurs prior to completion of all heats, no final result will be issued and the meeting declared void. If abandonment occurs after completion of the heats, and before or during the
finals, the results will be declared on the points scored from the heats.

(a) Provisional results will be posted in the Race Control building as soon as possible after each race.
(b) Ties in qualification for the final will be resolved by highest placed in first heat, highest placed in second heat and so on.
(c) Any protests must be lodged in accordance with Regulation C5 of the MOTORSPORT UK Blue Book.
(d) Any appeal to the Stewards must be lodged in accordance with Regulation C.6.5 of the Blue Book.

25. AWARDS:-
(a) Trophies will be awarded on the basis of one trophy for every four entrants and any prizes that the
Championship Regulations state. Trophies not collected on the day of racing will be forfeited.
(b) There will be a Cadet and a Junior Novice award at the discretion of the organisers.
(c) There will be a Senior Novice award at the discretion of the organisers.
Points will be awarded and trophies presented in accordance with the time limits set down by the MOTORSPORT UK Blue Book.

(a) The following officials will be designated ‘JUDGES OF FACT’. The Chief Lap scorer; Starter; Timekeeper;
Environmental Scrutineer; Eligibility Scrutineer; Chief Scrutineer Nose Cone Official.
(b) Club Stewards will be appointed on race day from a list previously sent to the MOTORSPORT UK and will sign on and have their names posted in Race Control prior to the start of the event.
(c) A Club Safeguarding Officer will be appointed to enforce the safeguarding Policy of the M.S.A. and the Clay
Pigeon Kart Club.

(a) During race meetings children must be under strict supervision at all times and not allowed to wander onto the dummy grid.
(b) Under no circumstances are engines to be run in the pits or surrounding areas.
(c) Pit bikes, pedal bikes, motorbikes, skates, scooters or similar are not allowed to be used on the site The banks surrounding the circuit are private property and anyone trespassing on or going over these banks could be prosecuted.
(d) Dogs are not encouraged at race meetings. If it is necessary to bring a dog then it must be kept under control, on a lead and within your pit area at all times. Any fouling of the circuit must be cleared up immediately.
(e) RESERVED PIT SPACES – Members who have paid their 2019 pit space fees are entitled to have the use of their reserved pit space, therefore any person(s) parked or using this reserved space on a club race day will be asked to vacate forthwith.
(f) Competitors must possess a fire extinguisher as detailed in the MOTORSPORT UK Kart Race Yearbook
(g) Any person arriving at the circuit after 09.30 hours, i.e. mechanics will be expected to pay the daily admission charge.
(h) The lap scoring/time keeping office is out of bounds at all times.
(i) Competitors are reminded that they are responsible for all mechanics, family and friends behaviour whilst
attending race meetings.
(j) Any spoil from the cleaning of tyres (particularly Cadets) must be collected and placed in the rubbish bins
(k) DATA PROTECTION – Information recorded from any Membership Form, Entry Form or any other
documentation issued by the Club and its Officers will be stored on our computers for the use of the Clay
Pigeon Kart Club in the administration of its race meetings and championships.

28. PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING – Photography and filming may take place at these events and it is a condition of entry that you accept that you may be photographed or filmed. If, however, you have any particular concerns, please inform our Club Child Protection Officer.


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