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What a Round 8!

After a short delay before the first practice due to a technical hitch (which may or may not have been my fault…), the Cadets really kept us on edge by giving us 2 red flags amongst some great racing which saw us still in the first heat of the day at almost 11 o’clock! With day day brightening as racing continued, more and more action packed races kept us on the edge of our seats. Some drivers having better days than others as we saw 5 more red flags, none of which could overshadow amazing battles which lasted for laps, right up to the chequered flag in some of the classes.

Thankfully, although we had 7 Red Flags in total today, all drivers were OK (bar a little sore in a couple of places) and all (bar Emilia Vincent – due to mechanical issues) were able to get back in the game in the following race.

Whilst they may have kept us chewing our finger nails down to the knuckle through most of the day, the Cadets had some amazing action packed fights going on all through the field. With most eyes on the top 3 in the fight for the top step, the final really was anyone’s win to take. Bravo to Archie Brown, Benjamin Burgess and Guy Cunnington for stunning 3,2,1 that saw overtake after overtake, lap after lap.

The results for Round 8 of the championship have been finalised and are available, in all their official glory at

Huge thank you’s to all of our marshals & officials, drivers, mechanics, supporters, spectators and everyone else who were able to attend today, and all those who were glued to their screens on the live timing feed and our facebook page updates. We’ll see you again on 8th November for the 9th and Final Round of the CPKC Championship.

CPKC Early Bird

Its fantastic to see drivers already taking advantage of our Early-Bird membership offer! – don’t forget that this bargain is only available, for those received by the club, until the next round on 8th November! – Membership forms can be found at

With the Championship drawing to a close and the Final Round of the CPKC Championship looming over these next 4 weeks, we are in the process of planning the Awards Ceremony, AGM, and details of next years racing. Make sure you stay tuned for these and other important announcements that will go up shortly! Entries for the Final Round have been opened, so make sure you get yours in!

Thanks to Cole Edwards who sent us the link to his footage of going from 13th to 2nd in last month’s Senior Max 3rd Heat. This is some fantastic footage to keep you going until next month! Please be sure to give it a like, he might let us have some more!

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