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Vacant Positions

Vacant Positions

Further to the Get Involved page which was created a couple of weeks ago, here are some holes that we need filling (don’t worry, they wont take up your whole weekend):-

  1. Assisting with Driver Sign-on

  2. All drivers are required to sign on to the circuit to compete, the clubhouse becomes the hub of the circuit during this time as drivers get their wristbands, novices submit their licenses and transponders are hired. Sign on will be available for an hour or two on Saturday (usually starting around 5) and Sunday morning.

  1. Bonus Ball

  2. For a long time, the club has run a bonus ball fundraiser for £5 per number, we would like to continue this and need someone who will be available for a time on the Saturday to rally the troops and get some Bonus Ball entries. Winner gets a sizeable cash prize on the Sunday!

  1. Recording

  2. Your footage could be in our event videos. After a trial of mini movie creation last year was met with huge support and praise, Jamie Robinson has been hard at work with his phone and the helicam, getting and editing footage into videos and uploading them online. Well, Jamie is only one man and we want to take over the world! To so this, we need more man power with more cameras so it can be edited into as much uninterrupted footage as possible. If you have a decent camera and don’t mind watching the action through a lens, please do let us know. If you are a student, this could be the perfect opportunity to get some fantastic footage and to be part of something special!

  1. Race Reports (The big one!)

  2. We are looking for someone with a love for motorsports to write some race reports for us. The reports would be submitted to various publications with the aim to get as much coverage for the club and the sport as possible. Clay Pigeon has hosted some absolutely fantastic racing for decades, we need this written up for the world to enjoy. If you fancy taking the challenge and representing the club online, in karting magazines and newspapers please let us know. If you have the ability, we are willing to compensate you for your time.

If you would want to get involved, or if you just want something to do while your Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister/Son/Daughter/Dog/Significant Other is out on circuit, please let us know via our Facebook Page. If none of the above takes your fancy, but you still want to get involved, check out some of the activities you could be doing in our Get Involved page.

This is our aim, except we’ll pronounce our driver’s names right! .. “Yenson” .. Paha!

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