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ROUND 6~ signing-on info

Due to my incapacity with a back problem I won’t be arriving at Clay until mid-Saturday afternoon. I am about to close the online entering facility and set the grids for Sunday so please ring me on 07832 358202 if you wish to place an entry.  Any entries received from now will be classed as a late entry and unfortunately that means you will gridded at the back of each heat.

In order to make things run smoothly here are a few requests:

I will be starting signing-on about 4:30pm Saturday in Race Control. If it’s not raining scrutineering normally takes place directly outside in the holding bay. For those of you who still owe race fees or membership fees please pay me (cash or cheque only) at this time so I can confirm your entry in the system before the race. 

Anyone who has requested a hire transponder will be able to collect it at the same time (£10 hire fee plus retention of your licence).

I will make copies of the grids for each class and you can collect them from the results rack in Race Control. Please ensure you pick up a program and and race order sheet at the same time.

Would all Novices please ensure they have a photo affixed to their upgrade card. If not, they will not be signed by the MSA Steward.

I will also be doing signing-on in Race Control from 8:15am Sunday morning for those of you unable to do it Saturday evening.

Scrutineering will commence in the Scrutineering Bay 8:30am – 9:45am. Please use this opportunity to check your weight!

Drivers Briefing is held on the podium at 9:30am and is obligatory.

The Warm-Ups start at 10:15am. Don’t forget to fix your transponders and Go-Pros on tightly.

I am not in my caravan this weekend. Instead I will ‘glamping’ in Race Control. Pop in and see me if you have any questions.

Good luck everyone! Jo    Competition Secretary, CPKC


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