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Race Hub app trial

The company I'm sure you're all familiar with, our online registration and timing provider, Alpha Timing, have just released a their Race Hub app.

The Race Hub app will give you access to Live Timing, your registered Events and the event Notice Board. It also features new to Alpha, Event Messaging and Notifications.

Race Hub app Event screen

We have previously considered joining other clubs in setting up WhatsApp groups to reduce the reliance on the circuit's PA system, which can be difficult to hear when racing is at full chat and our commentator, MC Downes, is hot on the mic, but due to the required maintenance, it's something we have not pursued.

However, we have decided to trial using the app for messaging and notification functionality at our next, and final round, on 13th November. Therefore, we would appreciate it if all competitors registering for Round 10, would download the app, available free on Apple and Android devices.


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