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Have You Entered Yet?

Have You Entered Yet? Online entries are still available for those leaving it until the last minute! Online entries will be closed at around midday tomorrow (Sat 7th) to ensure I can get the event all set up ready for Round 1 on Sunday. The weather is looking pants, but not as bad as it was over at Forest Edge last week!

Its great to see the last minute flood of entries we had at the start of the week, there is still a few hours to secure your spot on the grid in the fight for the first allotment of Championship points.

If you missed Jamie’s post on our Facebook page, he will be starting CPKCtv (as I like to call it) this year with the Honda Cadets. If you have a Honda driver and are willing to bolt a camera (securely! – otherwise Natalie will tell you off!) to your kart/driver to supply some footage, please find Jamie or give us a shout on our Facebook Page, I’m sure the cadets wont disappoint us and we can get the first movie of the year off to a fantastic start.

To those of you who can’t make it on Sunday, Live Timing will be available, supplied by Alpha Timing. To those of you who have signed up, we’ll see you tomorrow for practice, and Sunday for Round 1 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship 2015.

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