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With the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, drastic changes have impacted our lives.

At first, the country came to a standstill. Businesses were forced to close and we could only leave the house for emergencies and essentials. Now, with relaxation of the lockdown, we are able to get back to a level of normality with limited changes in what we do, just how we do them.

This page is designed to give an overview on the changes we have put in place due to Covid-19 and the hands-off approach of Government and Motorsport UK advise.

Included in this page is a brief cover of our current processes in relation to; Practice, Event Registration, Signing On, Pre-Event Scrutineering, Grid and Result publication and Guidelines on staying safe during our Events.


Practice is almost exclusively run by the circuit, even the practice day prior to our race events. For up to date information on how to attend an owner-driver practice session, please refer to the Clay Pigeon Raceway’s Practice page


Entering an Event

Competitors should enter online at our Alpha online entry page.

Logging in is now performed using your registered email address, not your MSUK License number.

If you are unsure what your registered email address is, please contact us for assistance.

If it is your first time logging in using your Email address and you have registered with us previously, you can use the Forgot your password link to securely create a password.

Once you have access, you can register against your chosen class and enter our events.

Signing On

Signing on is no longer carried out in person, at the circuit.

Those drivers who have registered will receive an email with a Signing-On link, this may be the afternoon of which you register, this could be the after registrations have closed on the weekend of the event.

Once you have received your email, please follow the link and log in, if required. You will be asked to sign the usual MSUK declarations with the inclusion of details pertaining to Covid-19.


Included on the same page as Signing-On, (once scrutineering has been opened) is the Scrutineering card and self-declaration.

Here, you can do your standard pre-event scrutineering checks such as submitting your engine, chassis and other equipment numbers, as well as confirming that you and your equipment are suitable for the event.

Please note that while we are now taking these details virtually, we reserve the right to perform pre-event scrutineering, if we deem it a requirement and we can perform it whilst adhering to the current government and governing body Covid-19 guidelines.

Grid Publication

Grids will  be displayed in the Race Control window.

Result Publication

As per Grids, Results will  be posted in the window of Race Control and provisional and finalised results can be found on our Alpha Timing results page at

During the Event

During our events, you must adhere to the Circuit Covid-19 guidelines, as well as the guidelines set out by Motorsports UK.

As of the posting of this page, these currently include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Dogs are not permitted.

  • Social Distancing is to be advised at all times.

  • Face Masks must be worn inside the circuit building, but are encouraged at all times.

  • Usage of the Toilet facilities may be controlled. 

  • Use of your own toilet facilities in campers/caravans is highly encouraged to avoid unnecessary queues for circuit facilities.

  • Listen to, and comply with, the instructions of circuit and event staff in relation to the event and Covid-19 restrictions at all times.


It’s in everybody’s interest to halt the spread of this disease.

Hopefully this stops you from getting too lost in your return back to racing with us at Clay Pigeon Kart Club.
If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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