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Championship Regulations

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The Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship is organised and administered by the Clay Pigeon Kart Club in accordance with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Championship Regulations.
MOTORSPORT UK Championship Permit No :CH2019/K030                                              Status : Clubmans
MOTORSPORT UK Championship: Grade D

1.2.1. Co-Ordinator – Mr Paul Skipp
1.2.2. Eligibility Scrutineer – Mr Dave Trueman
1.2.3. Championship Stewards – Mr Lee Rennison : Mr A Street :Mr Paul Skipp

1.3.1. Entrants must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club and in possession of a valid 2019 MOTORSPORT UK Entrants Licence. Competitors under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by the holder of a Kart PG Entrants Licence who must sign on as the Entrant of that competitor, in accordance with U14.1.5.
1.3.2. Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must be fully paid up members of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club, be registered for the Championship and be in possession of a valid National ‘B’ (Novice) Kart Competition Licence, as a minimum. Or be a professional driver in possession of a valid Licence (featuring an EU flag) and medical, issued by the ASN of a member country of the European Union.
1.3.3. All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing on.
1.3.4. A competitor shall not take time off school to participate in motor sport without the prior written
approval of their school. If participation in the Championship requires absence from school, drivers in full time school education are required to have the approval of their head teacher and a letter stating such approval from his/her school in order to fulfil registration for the Championship.

1.4.1. All members of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Ltd. holding the minimum of an MOTORSPORT UK National B (Novice) Kart Licence are automatically entered for the Club Championship, provided that the correct entry form has been received for the relevant round.
1.4.2. Fee: £40 (Club Membership fee)
1.4.3. Registration for the Championship commences at the issuing of these regulations and is open throughout the year. The closing date for the final registration is the 10 th November 2019.

1.5.1. The Championship will be contested over ten rounds which will be held on the following dates:-
10th February; 10th March; 14th April; 12th May; 9th June; 14th July; 11th August; 8th September;
13th October and 10th November
1.5.2. All rounds of this Championship will be held at the Clay Pigeon Raceway, Wardon Hill, Dorchester, Dorset
DT2 9PW.
1.5.3. The Organisers will be the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Ltd. and all information regarding this Championship or entries should be addressed to The Competition Secretary, Clay Pigeon Raceway, Wardon Hill, Dorchester DT2 9PW. Tel. 01935 83713 between 08.30 and 5p.m.

1.6.a. The Championship will be decided by the results from the drivers best eight out of ten rounds. If any meeting is cancelled, for whatever reason, it will be deducted from the total rounds to count, i.e.7 out of 9.
1.6.b. Championship points will be calculated on a ‘high score’ basis as follows:-
HEATS: 1 st – 35 points; 2 nd – 31 points; 3 rd – 29 points; 4 th – 27 points; 5th – 26 points; 6th – 25 points and so on to the last driver to cross the finishing line.
‘B’ FINAL: 1 st to 4 th – 0 points; 5 th – 24 points; 6 th – 23 points, and so on to the last driver to cross the finishing line.
‘A’ FINAL: 1 st – 70 points; 2 nd – 62 points; 3 rd – 58 points; 4 th – 54 points; 5 th – 52 points; 6 th –50 point; 7th – 49 points; 8th – 47 points; 9th – 46 points and so on to the last driver to cross the finishing line.
1.6.c The competitor achieving the fastest lap in the ‘A’ final will receive an additional point.
1.6.d Non starter – 0 points (Q12.8) (U.7.5.3)
1.6.e All non-finishers will be given a finishing position according to the number of laps completed. This applies to all Heats and Finals.
1.6.f Any competitor exceeding the control tyre regulation (Cadets 2 sets; Mini Max 5 Sets) in the Championship year will not score championship points in rounds where they have not used their registered tyres.
1.6.g Championship points will be displayed at Race Control and on the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Website ALL
1.6.2 Ties: Ties will be resolved by using the formula – most final wins, most final seconds, and so on.
1.6.3 Championship Points Appeal – An appeal against points must be made to the Championship Stewards. An
appeal must conform to Section C6.5. of the MOTORSPORT UK Blue Book.
1.6.4. Should any driver be totally excluded from a round, for whatever reason, they cannot drop that round. It will count as one of their total scoring rounds.

1.7.1. One trophy will be awarded for every four entries in each Class, i.e. 1-4 entries 1 trophy; 5-8 2 trophies; 9-12 3 trophies and so on providing there are at least three drivers signed on in that particular class. Trophies will not be awarded for any class with one or two drivers.
1.7.2. Overall Championship: The Champion and Runner Up will each receive a trophy which may be kept until the last round of the 2020 series. Perpetual trophies will be awarded to Champions and Runners Up and also to third place drivers in classes with more than twenty drivers.
1.7.3. If less than 10 entries entered for a class perpetual trophies may not be given out. THERE SHOULD BE A MINIMUM OF 10 REGISTERED DRIVERS BY ROUND ONE. (at the discretion of the Club Committee). A registered driver is a club member.
1.7.4. Trophies are to be provided for presentation at the end of the meeting.
1.7.5. Entertainment Tax Liability.
In accordance with current government legislation, the Clay Pigeon Kart Club is legally obliged to withhold tax at the basic rate on all payments to Non-UK resident sportsmen/sportswomen and account to HMRC using form FEU1, the quarterly return of payments made to non-resident entertainers and sportsmen/sportswomen.
That is, those persons who do not have a normal permanent residence in the UK. The UK does not include the Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Eire. This means that, as the organiser, the Clay Pigeon Kart Club, is required to deduct tax at the current rate applicable from any such payments they may make to non-UK residents.
Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for competitors to enter into an agreement with the Inland Revenue to limit the tax withheld. Any application for such an arrangement must be made in writing no later than 30 days before the payment is due.
For further information contact: HMRC Personal Tax International, Foreign Entertainers Unit, St John’s House, Merton Toad, Liverpool L75 1BB. Tel: 0151 472 6488. Fax. 0151 472 6483.
1.7.6. Title to All Trophies
In the event of any Provisional Results or Championship Tables being revised after any provisional presentations and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards, the competitors concerned must return such awards to the Clay Pigeon Kart Club in good condition within 7 days.


2.1 ROUNDS: In accordance with Section C of the current MOTORSPORT UK Yearbook and 2019 CIK-FIA Judicial Trial.
2.2. CHAMPIONSHIP: In accordance with Section C of the current MOTORSPORT UK Yearbook and 2019 CIK-FIA Judicial Trial.
2.3. By registering for the Championship all competitors, and their associates, commit to the MOTORSPORT UK Race ‘n’ Respect campaign and agree to positively promote and demonstrate the Racing Code, which is appended below.

Race ‘N’ Respect


  • Respect
  • Fair play
  • Self-control
  • Good
  • Sincerity



Race for enjoyment
Try my best at all times
Race fairly
Be polite and treat everyone with respect
Not show off if I win
Not get upset if I don’t win



Recognise that there are different groups within the racing family and treat them appropriately
Create a welcoming, friendly and safe environment for everyone
Treat every competitor fairly and encourage others to do so
Recognise that as a representative of the sport, I have a duty to be polite and treat racers, volunteers and supporters with respect



Encourage my young driver to have fun and enjoy racing
Not put pressure on my young driver to take part
Not impose my own ambitions on my young driver
Not expect my young driver to win and recognise that the benefits of junior racing lie in the skill acquisition and not about winning events and championships
Not criticise my young driver when they make mistakes
Never encourage my young driver to break or bend the rules
Respect other competitors and their families and applaud their success
Respect the decisions of the officials at all times



Accept that racing is primarily about enjoyment
Will not put pressure on young racers to achieve results
Will recognise that junior racing is about skill acquisition, not about winning events and
Will never speak or behave inappropriately
Will encourage all racers to respect the rules and the authority of the officials
Will never encourage a racer to break or bend the rules, nor to drive in a manner that could cause
injury to themselves or others
Recognise that this is not Formula 1

2.3.1 Where any reports of disrespectful conduct are judged to be well founded the championship organisers may issue warnings or require remedial actions and/or report the matter to the championship stewards who may impose appropriate penalties which can include the loss of championship points and/or race bans through to championship expulsion and referral to the MOTORSPORT UK.


3.1. The Championship will be open to all karts conforming to the regulations set out in the 2019 MOTORSPORT UK Kart Race Yearbook and any specific ABkC Regulations.
3.2. The Championship will be open to the following Classes:- Formula Honda Cadet; Formula IAME Cadet; Junior TKM; IAME X30 Junior; Senior TKM Extreme; Formula Mini-Max; Formula Junior Max; Formula Senior Max; Formula Senior Max 177; Formula Senior Max 177 (Masters); Formula Blue and IAME X30 Senior.
3.3. Safety Requirements: All competitors must ensure that the MOTORSPORT UK Circuit Management and Clay Pigeon Kart Club Safety Regulations as stated in the Supplementary Regulations are complied with.
3.4. TRANSPONDERS: ABkC approved AMB Transponders will be mandatory for all Classes and fitted as per MOTORSPORT UK Yearbook 2019. It is the competitor’s responsibility to provide a fully charged working transponder.

3.5. TYRES
In an effort to reduce the cost of racing, the following classes will be restricted to 2 (two) sets of ‘slick’ (dry) tyres (i.e. 4 front and 4 rears) for the 10 Rounds of the 2019 Championship.



3.5.2. The front and rear tyres will be recorded by barcode reader and can be used at whatever meeting and in whatever order you wish, subject to Supplementary Regulation 13c (one set selected per meeting).
3.5.3. If during a Championship race a tyre is damaged you must inform the scrutineers who will record the change to another of your registered tyres. If the change is not recorded you will incur the following penalty:- EXCLUSION FROM THE MEETING.
3.5.4. All tyres must be removed from the circuit and any tyre found in the bins or anywhere on the circuit will incur a £5 penalty payable by the registered owner. If the tyre is not registered to our championship it will be checked with the records of other championships.


Advertising: Competitors may be required to carry advertising as supplied by a class sponsor. The competitor will be required to reserve a space for a sticker on the front Nassau panel to a maximum size of 200mm x 50mm.


Information recorded from any Membership Form, Entry Form or any other documentation issued by the Club and its Officers will be stored on our computers for the use of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club in the administration of its race meetings and championships.



The Motor Sports council has agreed that a limited trial of the CIK-FIA system of judicial procedures will be undertaken and evaluated. This meeting is one of those selected to form part of that trial.
The judicial procedures to be applied at this meeting will therefore be as follows:-
1. All judicial decisions will be taken by the Stewards of the Meeting, not the Clerk of the Course.
2. The Clerk of the Course will. as usual, have full responsibility for the running and conduct of the meeting in accordance with the regulations. This includes the control of practice, heats and races, adhering to the timetable, the starting procedure and the stopping or suspending and restarting of races.
3. The Clerk of the Course will refer any incidents or possible breaches of the regulations to the Stewards of the Meeting, who will be responsible for investigating these and, if they deem it appropriate, imposing any penalties. The decision to show the black flag to any competitor will also rest solely with the Stewards of the Meeting, having considered a request from the Clerk of the Course.
4. The penalties to be applied by the Stewards of the Meeting will be in line with the MOTORSPORT UK’s mandatory karting penalties (as revised – see attached).
5. Any protests must be lodged as usual in accordance with C5.1.2 but they will be heard and adjudicated on by the Stewards of the Meeting, not the Clerk of the Course. The usual time limits apply as per C5.2 and the usual protest fees as per Appendix 1 Article 13.1 will apply.
6. Any appeals against decisions of the Stewards of the Meeting will be heard as usual by the National Court, (but note article 7 below.. The usual process and time limits as per C7.1 will apply, with the exception of removal of the restriction on grounds for appeal at C7.1.3. Any Eligibility Appeal must be submitted as usual in accordance with C7.2. The usual appeal fees to the National Court set out in Appendix 1 Article 13.4 will apply.
7. For the purposes of this trial, Motor Sports Council has agreed that any time, place or lap penalty imposed by the Stewards of the Meeting shall not be subject to appeal. Also in accordance with C2.6.2, where the Stewards of the Meeting are satisfied that a physical assault or threat of physical assault has occurred, then no appeal against their sentence will be allowed.
8. Motor Sports Council has also agreed that, as a safeguard, if a competitor lodges a valid appeal (excluding the cases cited in 9 below) the penalty will be suspended for the duration of the meeting. However, the suspensive affect resulting from the appeal does not allow the competitor to take part in the prize giving or the podium ceremony, nor to appear in the official classification of the competition, in any place other than that resulting from the application of the penalty. The rights of the competitor will be re-established if they win their appeal before the National Court, unless this is not possible due to passage of time.
9. The decision of the Stewards of the Meeting will become immediately binding notwithstanding an appeal if it concerns questions of safety (e.g extreme breaches of C1.1.5. justifying a 30 day licence suspension), good standing (e.g. physical assault or threat of) or irregularity of entry by a competitor (e.g. fraudulent entry) or when, in the course of the same meeting, a further breach is committed justifying the exclusion of the same competitor. The decision of the Stewards must mention the existence of cases above that justify the decision being enforceable notwithstanding the appeal.
For the purposes of this trial, and in so far as it is necessary, the following regulations are varied by the authority of the Motor Sports Council (in accordance with A2.5) as required to facilitate the undertaking of this judicial procedures trial at this meeting.
(a) Regulations relating to the Clerk of the Course judicial role:
C2.3, C2.3.2, C2.4, C2.5, C2.3.4 C3.1.1 C3.2, C3.3, C5.1.1, C5.2.3, C5.3.5, C5.3.5.2, C5.4, C5.4.1, C5.6;
(b) Regulations relating to the Clerk of the Course powers and responsibilities:
G5.2.18, G5.3, G5.3.1, G5.3.2, G5.3.3, G5.3.5, G5.3.6, G5.3.7, G5.3.8, G5.3.10
(c) Regulations regarding the Stewards of the Meeting role as an appeal body:
C6.1 to C6.6 (with the exception of C6.5), G7.2.5;
(d) Regulations regarding the Stewards of the Meeting powers and responsibilities:
G2.4, G2.4.3;
(e) Regulations regarding appeals to the National Court:
C7.1.3, C7.3.1;
(f) Other relevant provisions:
Appendix 4 – Judicial Notes for Guidance, Articles 1, 2 and 3


Summary of Mandatory Penalties

The following penalties are as defined on the Stewards Decision Notification and accompanied by the Stewards Decision
Notification Explanations issued by MOTORSPORT UK.
These are mandatory penalties

Note: 10 seconds  or 1 lap Penalties are not subject to Appeal
(C)2.3.2. Gaining an Unfair Advantage 10 seconds or 1 lap Penalty
(C)1.1.5. Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety 1 lap Penalty or Race Exclusion
(C)1.1.5. Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety – Aggravated Conduct Race Exclusion or Meeting Exclusion and consideration of licence suspension.
(C)1.1.6. Contravention of flag signal before or after Race – 1/4 Black/Yellow/Yellow 10 second Penalty
(C)1.1.6. Contravention of flag signal during race 1/4 Black/Yellow/Yellow 1 lap penalty
(C)1.1.6. Contravention of flag signal –

Ignore Technical Flag Twice

Black Flag
(C)1.1.6. Contravention of flag signal – Black flag (ignored more than once) Race Exclusion or Meeting Exclusion
(C)1.1.9. Abusive Language, Behaviour, Assault – Race Exclusion (4 points)
(C)1.1.9. Abusive Language, Behaviour or Assault – Serious Meeting Exclusion (6 points) & Consideration of licence suspension
(H)33.1.3. Failure to attend Drivers’ Briefing (recommend £50) Fine of £……..
(H)33.1.4. Failure to obey an Official of the Meeting Race Exclusion (4 points) or Meeting Exclusion (6 points)
(C)3.1.1. Scrutineer Non-Compliance Report, vehicle or component ineligible Race Exclusion or Meeting Exclusion
(U)17.29. Underweight Race Exclusion
(U)8.1. Failure to Report to Scrutineering Race exclusion or Meeting Exclusion
(C)2.3.4/17.5.5. Incorrectly positioned front fairing – race 5 second penalty
(C)2.3.4(U)17.5.5. Incorrectly positioned front fairing – TQ Deletion of fastest time
(U)17.5.5. Attempting to tamper with or reattach the front fairing during race/timed qualifying Race Exclusion
Intentionally reattaching the front fairing after chequered flat Meeting Exclusion and Consideration of referral to MOTORSPORT UK

Although the above details are mandatory penalties for driving, behaviour, etc. this does not preclude the Stewards issuing penalties against other breaches of regulations as defined in (C)2.1.

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