Round 5
12th June
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The Cancer Research UK fundraising event was another filled with some great entertainment in the evening. Thank you to all of those who attended and especially those of you who have taken part.

With your help, we have been able to raise £750 this year. Whilst its not as much as we have in previous years, we are still so thankful for those of you who took the time out of your personal schedules to help us make this another event to remember.

The Soap Box racing was a huge hit with quite a few drivers picking up their tools and taking up the challenge! Here are the winners from the various categories:

Category Soapbox Driver(s) Winning
Farthest Travelled GoldFinger Clay Raceway Deferred
1st Overall Cancer Fighters Jake Adams & Ryan Taylor-Trueman £50
Spirit of the Event Green Gunners Steve Crasher Nasher £25

Also, the Human Table Football found itself quite busy right before the first game was due to kick off with teams basically being formed in the queue.. Congratulations to the Blue Babes who walked away from the pitch with genuine authentic Clay Pigeon Kart Club International Caps. Here are the results:

1st Round
Blue Babes 4 2 Desperado
Loders 4 1 Bender Brigade
Cheeky Nando’s 0 2 Kart Bandits
Bandit Patrol 3 1 Little Buggers
Semi Final
Blue Babes 7 1 Loders
Kart Bandits 4 Golden Goal 3 Bandit Patrol
Blue Babes 5 2 Kart Bandits

The Committee have decided to give a breakdown of how the money was raised this year:

Attraction Outgoing Incomming
Kart Simulator £48
Raffle 44.61 £279
Barbecue 324.81 £509.50
Cassy’s Cakes £75.75
Tony Fry’s Bottle £34.39
Collection Tins £121.48
Sundry Donations £45
Total £369.42 £1113.12
Total Less Costs and Rounded Up £750

Again, a huge thank you for all those in attendance and who donated anything from money, time, raffle prizes and items for use over the weekend, we couldn’t have raised this money without you.

Steve Wood was out and about over the weekend taking snaps for you all and can be found here – note that you will need to be logged into Facebook to see them!


Entries have been opened for Round 6 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship. For those of you who are thinking of coming, there will be some more entertainment on on the Saturday Evening as the Clay Pigeon Raceway are playing host to the 5th round of the Inter Services Endurance Championship.

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