Rotax Fest.
19/20th Aug.
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Map of the Circuit

Below is a map showing the circuit at Clay Pigeon. Scroll down to read about all parts of the track, or click on a link below the map to view information about specific parts.

Circuit Map

Pit Straight | Start/Finish Line | Billy’s Blind | Esses | Sturmey Straight | Hann’s Hairpin | Horseshoe | Button’s | Top Bend

Pit Straight

Pit Straight
This is the longest straight on the circuit which includes a high speed flat out kink near the end, in the dry all classes will be flat out along all the straight. In the wet cadets should be almost flat with TKM and Rotax needing to ease of the throttle but the speed will depend on how wet the track is and how much standing water there is.

Start/Finish Line

Start/Finish Line
Just before the kink on the Pit Straight, a good start from here is crucial to get out of billies in a good position, all kart classes will be flat out here (apart from rolling laps!!)

Billy’s Blind

Billy's Blind
The surface at Billies was changed at the end of 2003, and as a result, in the dry, all classes will have greater exit speed than before. Cadets can probably get away without braking, maybe just a little lift. TKMs will need to brake but this will be greatly reduced from previous years because of the new surface giving so much more grip. Rotaxs will need to brake for longer then TKMs because of their greater speed down the pit straight but the greater braking power and softer tyres will mean they will not have to brake for much longer then a TKM. In the wet this corner is much more difficult then before as the new tarmac gives less grip in the wet. All classes will need to try and hit the first kerb and hit the second kerb on the second apex, this will help to pull the kart round the corner and give a good line for the esses.


This might be quite an easy corner to get right in some classes but if you make a mistake in any class here then it might cost you dear as there is a straight with braking into a hairpin after the Esses. If you are slow out of here you are compromised down to the hairpin. In the dry cadets will take this corner flat, the good TKM drivers will also be able to take this corner flat but Rotaxs might need a lift or possibly some slight braking. If you get a good line round Billy’s then the entry to the Esses should be good, stay near the centre of the track and try to hit both kerbs for the straightest line. Be careful though because if you take too much speed through in the wet you might go off on the exit.

Sturmey Straight

Sturmey Straight
As with the pit straight all classes in the wet and dry will be flat out moving from right to left across the track (unless overtaking) to prepare for braking into the hairpin.

Hann’s Hairpin

In the dry all classes, even cadets will need to brake into the hairpin. Unless overtaking the best line is to be on the outside and just miss the kerbs and take the inside line to round out, but not over the kerb on the left after the exit of the hairpin. In the wet the most grip is on the inside so stick to the same line as in the dry and maybe clip the kerb on the apex to help get the kart to turn in.


Some say this is the most critical corner on the circuit and you can see why, if you get a good exit from the horseshoe then it will give good speed all the way to Billy’s. From the exit of the hairpin move over to the right of the track and hit the first apex and try and keep as close as you can to the second apex. This applies to dry and wet conditions. In the dry cadets can go round flat, TKMs maybe a slight lift or brake with Rotax needing slightly more braking, after braking it should be flat through the corner. In the wet you might have to wait a little longer to get on the throttle and get on the old tarmac.


Right Hand
All classes in the dry will take this easily flat and would be near the left hand side of the track for the best line through, hit the apex in the middle of the corner then move out to the left. In the wet with the new tarmac it is a little trickier, take the same line as in the dry but you will have to be gentle with the throttle going through the corner and coming out as the surface changes several times in a short area.

Top Bend

Top Bend
In dry conditions cadets and TKMs can take the top bend flat with using some kerb on the left after the exit, Rotaxs will probably need a lift or some braking, all classes should keep close to the kerb on the apex. In the wet keep to the left all the way round the corner as the old tarmac gives much more grip and this will allow a faster exit speed and better line for the sprint down the Pit Straight to the line.

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