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So, in 2016 we added a new tyre regulation which some people are a little confused about, suggested to help curb this, here is our new Frequently Asked Questions page where we hope to be able to address many of your concerns about the new regulation and more.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please ping us a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. – it may just end up here!




Championship Regulation 3.5 – Tyres

What does the new tyre regulation (3.5) mean?
In short, the new regulation has been written into the championship regulations and affect only the championship. It states that over the 2016 championship, you are only allowed to use an allocation of 5 sets (10 front and 10 rear) of slick (dry) tyres across the championship.

So, the regulation only covers slick tyres? – are wet tyres not included?
Correct, the regulation only covers the usage of slick tyres, there is no restriction to the number of wet tyres you can use.

Does it include the Wessex Champs and the Rotax Festival
It will cover the Wessex Champs as it falls on a CPKC Championship Round, however, as the Rotax Festival is a standalone event, the Championship Tyre regulation won’t come into affect.

Will I have to register all the tyres at once?
No, just show up with your tyres on each race day as usual. No need to pre-register your sets as tyre registration will be ongoing throughout the year.

How are the tyres going to be tracked?
The bar codes on the tyres will be submitted to the scrutineers as usual at our MSA race meetings. We will keep a note of the tyres you have used so we can ensure that you do not use more than your quota for the year.

Does that mean you will tell me if I get it wrong?
Just like you, we’re only human. We cant guarantee that we will be able to tell at the point of scrutineering your kart in the morning that the tyres you have with you are outside of your allocation. You must take responsibility for keeping track of your registered tyres.

Am I restricted in when I use my tyres?
No, you are only restricted to a number of tyres over the championship season, how and when to use each set is completely up to you.

What if I have a puncture?
Change the tyre following the usual rules. Ensure that the replacement tyre has been registered with the scrutineers for the championship.

If I have a puncture, it comes out of my registered allowance?!?
Yes, the regulation restricts the amount of tyres you can use over the championship season. It may seem like the allocation is a little short, but bear in mind that the championship will still include a drop round. And, well, its Clay Pigeon Raceway isn’t it? – we’ll be lucky to have a dry round!

I heard this regulation is across other clubs/circuits, is that true?
No. This regulation is in place for racing at Clay Pigeon Kart Club events only. The regulations at other clubs are employed solely by them. There is nothing to stop you from registering the same tyre(s) with us and another club, although its recommended you don’t to get the best out of your tyres.

I’m taking part in a visiting series, will I be affected?
Only if you are taking part in our championship as well. You may want to adopt a tyre strategy in the CPKC championship that see’s you using a fresh set of tyres for the championship round in which the visiting series is attending. For example, if the visiting series is in our 2nd round, you may want to use a new set of slicks over using the set used in the first round for a second time.

I like using a new set every meeting and I don’t understand why you have done this.
Our aim with this restriction is simple, to help reduce the cost of karting. Tyres are easily one of the most expensive aspects of the sport due to high cost and (typically) low high-performance life, by encouraging our championship drivers to strategise not just when to use the tyres, but the tyre wear, we’re not only aiming to reduce your costs each month, but add a whole new aspect to karting at the Clay Pigeon Kart Club that hasn’t been seen in a number of years, if ever.

I have already paid for a membership, but I don’t want to follow the tyre regulation
If you decide not to follow the regulation, but you already have a membership, you will still get the benefits of the CPKC membership as far as reduced event entry. However, for those rounds where you do not use tyres within your allocation, you will not get Championship points. We would advise you re-consider your decision not to partake, you could easily find yourself excelling in the championship by the end of round 4, at which point, deciding to follow the regulation will leave you with 4 sets of used tyres and little option for a solid strategy.

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