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8th Sept.
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Have attended the circuit since 2007, initially starting as a flag marshal.  In 2009 I progressed to the Finishing gantry where I was for a further 3 years until moving into the comfort of the Lapscorers hut in 2013.  With the Chief Lapscorer stepping down at the end of the 2013 season (not entirely my fault I hope), I went through the 2014 season in training to become a fully licensed MSA Kart Timekeeper for the 2015 Season. I joined the CPKC Committee in 2014, hoping to bring some fresh ideas to help promote a sport I have fallen in love with, in the time I have been on the committe, I have had a taste of how hard it is to organise the events every month. I have a new found respect for everyone who takes the time to put on the events you all love to attend. If any of you actually take the time to read this - give Ian Rennison a hug next time you see him and say its from me! - but be gentle!

That was a weekend to remember!

With 3 Red Flags in 2 of the first 4 races, the signs pointed to a weekend to forget, but the driving standards really did take a U-Turn and give us a weekend that will be remembered for the right reasons. Fantastic racing throughout the day in weather, that looked like it would throw another […]

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It’s getting close…

We only have 10 days left until the 5th Round of the CPKC 2019 Championship! Get your entry in now! Just in case you needed a reason, Round 5 is the last chance you Rotax drivers will get of Racing practice before the Rotax Festival, supported by J.A.G Rotax and incorporated in Round 6 of […]

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Rotax Festival Update!

We need to get better at keeping you all updated! The Rotax Festival Page has now been updated with the latest information on the Rotax Festival! Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open in the near future as we’ll be lettin gyou know everything we can, as and when the ink is dry. […]

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Wessex Challenge Results!

First, thank you all once again for joining us for the Big Weekender of this year’s calendar! The event gave us some very close racing throughout the whole weekend, with some amazing wheel to wheel action to always keep us on our toes! The Overall Results of the Wessex Challenge are now available for you […]

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Final Countdown…

We’re just days away from the Wessex Championship. The big 2 day event of this year’s calendar! With 2 full days of racing with accumulated points determining the overall winner, it’ll be non-stop adrenaline-fuelled action from start to finish! If you haven’t already got you entries in, for Sturday, Sunday or both, you have until […]

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Wasn’t the weather just grand!

And the lap times show it! Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/cpkc-track-records/ to check out the times to beat for 2019! While you’re here, have you entered Round 4 and the Wessex Challenge yet? The Supplementary Regulations have been uploaded (sorry about the delay) and are free to check out, over at http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/wessex-challenge/ Get your entries […]

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2018 Wessex Championship Winners

Whilst we have had some of our perpetual trophies back, we have not yet had them all. To winners of the 2018 Wessex Championship, please try to return your perpetual trophy to the circuit as soon as possible to allow us to get your names added to the plaques and ready to hand out to […]

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Championship Tables are Here! … Again!

There have been some minor amendments to the Championship Tables. Honda Cadet: Addition of Missing Member Senior Max: Merging of Split Competitor Rotax 177: Merging of Split Competitor

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Championship Tables are Here!

The Championship Tables have finally been updated after the third round of the CPKC Championship! Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to find out where you stand.

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Just 1 More Week

Just 1 more week to go until Round 3, the last bit of wheel-to-wheel practice before the Wessex Challenge on the 11th and 12th May. Get your entries in over at https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa Spectators! Don’t forget that you are more than welcome to attend any of our Race Meetings. It’s a bit of a bargain really, […]

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