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I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen more than enough COVID-19 emails and notifications for now, so I’ll keep this one brief.

With the country having been put into lock-down and Motorsport UK having put a hold on all racing permits until at least June 30th (as of this post) as we don’t yet know when we’ll start seeing the end to all of this, we have suspended all entries pending re-assessment once MSUK are happy to re-issue permits.

All outstanding entries which have already been made will be cancelled and refunded. This will take some time to complete the process, so if you haven’t had your refund in a week’s time, please contact us and we can look into it for you.

We wish everyone good health in these difficult times. Stay safe and we hope to see you at some point in 2020 for the rest of the Championship!

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As I am sure that you have all heard by now Motorsport UK have suspended permits for April, and as such the Wessex Championship will not take place.

With immediate effect we will not be accepting any further entries on Alpha. Everyone that has already entered will be refunded throught the payment method used. (should you wish to donate your entry to the club insead it would be rude of us to refuse).

The club regret this interuption to our planned meetings and hope that we can resume in the very near future.
We will update you as we find out more.

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Championship Tables for the opening round of the CPKC 2020 Championship have now been uploaded!

Sorry for the delay, with the usual first round (kinda) influx of memberships at the closing moments of signing on, I needed some extra time to get to the circuit and make sure all members were correctly allocated their points.

Please do take a look at the tables, if you notice you are missing, or you have any queries regarding the points, please do contact us and we can look into it.

Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to take a look at the 2020 standings.
The 2019 Championships have been moved over to our Championship Archive.

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With a staggering 154 drivers joining us for the *ahem* first round of the CPKC 2020 Championship (Stupid Ciara) everything but the kitchen sink made an appearance.

Sun turned to rain, to hail, to sun, with the cycle continuing through most of the day. Drivers and officials alike, not knowing what was brewing for the next race.

Thankfully, whilst close, the racing remained competitive without the need for too many penalties, with only 2 (as of writing this) driving standards penalties issued (excluding nosecones) the racing we had on offer far exceeded our expectations.

Thank you to all drivers, supporters, officials, marshals and other volunteers who made today happen. Without the hard work and dedication of all of you, we couldn’t do what we love to.

With the weather-smiting being done with for the day, i would like to opportunity to remind you all that the Wessex Championships takes place over our next racing weekend, on the 11th and 12th of April.
The Wessex Championship is comprised of 2 1-day meetings, the Challenge on the Saturday, and Round 3 on the Sunday. Points accumulated across both days determine the victor!

Get your entries in for both days over at https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa

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Following on from the storm last weekend and the strong winds this week, the internet is down at the circuit and will not be up again until next week. This has delayed carrying over the entries to the next roundbut we will be on it as soon as practicable, please bear with us until we can get it sorted. All entries (unless otherwise notified) will be carried over and payments transfered. We look forward to seeing you all for some great racing.

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It was a difficult decision to cancel the meeting yesterday but on the grounds of safety we could not put our customers at risk. Now the sun has come out and the wind has quietened down a little from the storm we have taken stock of the the best way to deal with entries for round one. We will transfer entries over to round two (anyone that has already paid for round 2 will be transfered over to round 3). Should you wish to have a refund instead please send an email to comp_sec@claypigeonkartclub.com and we will arrange payment takes approx 5 days.

We look forward to seeing you all in March for round two and hope for better conditions and the start of the club championship. After looking at the circuit availability for 2020, we are unable to fit in another date.

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Just 2 weeks until the start of the anticipated 2020 season!

Round 3 see’s the first of the 2020 CPKC spectacles with the Wessex Championship, the Wessex Challenge on the Saturday, with Round 4 on the Sunday. A weekend double header with the accumulated points from each day deciding the winner of the hallowed CPKC WC plate.

The following month, Round 4 kicks off 3 weeks of non-stop Clay Pigeon action on the 10th May, with the Honda and TKM British Championships on the 16th and 17th and the Rotax British Championships on the 23rd and 24th May.

If the Wessex Championship and 2 rounds of the British Championships weren’t enough to wet your appetite, the Rotax Festival is back in all of it’s glory on 15th and 16th August.
A 2 day celebration of one of the countries leading kart racing engines, and the most popular in the South of England. Supported by J.A.G Rotax, previous winners have taken home various prizes like branded merchandise, short engines and tickets to represent their country at the Rotax Grand Finals.
Oh yeah, and there are the O plates on offer for all Rotax Classes!

We have a monumetal year of racing lined up this year, and even with the MSUK price increases, we think you’ll still find us fantastic value for money, as we have for many years.

Why wait? Come and join those who have already put their entries in, over at https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register.

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We have had a monumental response to Rounds 1 and 2 going live, especially in the Honda Cadets.

All members are therefore encouraged to get their entries in as soon as they can to avoid missing out, we don’t want to have to put a cap on the number of entries we can accept, but we can’t rule it out.

So, if you want to make sure you are on the Grid on the 9th February, make sure you get your entry in over at https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register or by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of our Facebook Page.

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Entries are now live for Rounds 1 and 2 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club 2020 Championship!

Head on over to https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa or click on the Sign Up button on our Facebook page to register.

Unfortunately, we also have some less than ideal news regarding pricing. MSUK fees have increased, doubling from 2019 with a £7.50 increase per entry. We talked through various options, but realise its not a cost we can absorb. As such, prices are £7.50 up from last year.

As per our ‘Why Us’ post in December, we still think you’ll find some of the best value for money with us throughout 2020, so make sure you get your entry in as soon as you can to avoid missing out on the dawn of the new season.

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Presentation Evening

It has just been pointed out that the time published for the start of the presentation evening has been posted as 5pm. It is in fact 7pm for 7:30

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